Horse show takes place in Northampton – WWLP 22News

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Horse show takes place in NorthamptonWWLP 22NewsNORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – One of the largest Morgan Horse shows in the country is taking place in Northampton. People from across the country have come to here to Northampton to compete in the 74th New England Morgan Horse Show. It is not …and more »…Horse show takes place in Northampton – WWLP 22News

Our handsome saddle pads are particularly cut to permit the cinch to mold naturally round the horse’s girth permitting for closer contact for that rider’s legs. It’s also cutout within the withers for better wither clearance and reduced spine pressure. The 2 piece contour design enables for any comfortable fit that can help to get rid of pressure across the horse’s spine, helping prevent over cinching, and saddle movement.

Horse Pads that rock (best ever custom horse pads)

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