Motorcycle police get new gear – Edmonton Journal

3. Quality matters. We’ve had saddle pads continue for 10+ years! Lose a very? We are able to replace them, or ship your saddle pad to us and we’ll restore it on for you personally. Our goal would be to give you an excellent saddle pad that lasts you for a long time! With plenty of pad options coupled with our awesome customer support we guarantee a pad which will match your equine(s) as well as your riding style. Trail riders, barrel racers, and team ropers alike all use our saddle pads with style, comfort.

Edmonton Journal Motorcycle police get new gearEdmonton JournalThis clothing looked to have been inspired from the mounted-horse era, with breeks and shiny, high-polish leather boots topped off with short-sleeve shirts and open-face helmets. The old-style … The jacket has armour pads for elbows and shoulders….Motorcycle police get new gear – Edmonton Journal

Our handsome saddle pads are particularly cut to permit the cinch to mold naturally round the horse’s girth permitting for closer contact for that rider’s legs. It’s also cutout within the withers for better wither clearance and reduced spine pressure. The 2 piece contour design enables for any comfortable fit that can help to get rid of pressure across the horse’s spine, helping prevent over cinching, and saddle movement.

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